“All of last year, our son travelled in South and Central America, and he suggested we would enjoy Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba. So far, he’s absolutely right! Although it’s not cold where we live – south of Sydney – we usually skip winter every year. It’s expensive to travel to most places from Australia, we usually stay overseas for at least two months. As my husband Stan is self employed, and winter is a slower time for him, it works out ideally. Why do we travel? To be educated, to have new experiences, to meet new people and, hopefully, to become more tolerant and appreciative. Travel has changed a lot since we were young. You had more interaction with other people, for instance, since people asked you to take their photos, instead of taking selfies. Also, you had to ask locals for directions, or could assist someone reading a map. Nowadays, your mobile phone does all the work. Spontaneous conversations still occur, of course. In Bogotá, some young Colombian girls asked us whether they could interview us, as a part of their English test. They were the sweetest! A funny detail: when one of them asked me how old I was, I asked her how old she thought I was. Her answer: 90! Some young Dutch people we recently met told us they hoped they’d still be traveling when they’d be our age. I guess that’s one of the things I learned on this trip: that we are motivators. At the same time, we like hearing the political and social viewpoints of young people, for instance by joining free walking tours in countries like Colombia. That keeps us young – at least mentally!”