“Five years ago, we took leave from our jobs, rented our house, sold our cars and got ready to travel the world. Not just me and my husband, but our two children – 9 and 12 years old back then – joined as well. We were gone for over a year and visited 22 countries, from India to China and from Australia to Morocco. We travelled on a budget of $150 a day, which is not a lot for a family, but with the help of Couchsurfing we could keep our costs low. We also hosted many, many people ourselves at our house, probably around 100. Wasn’t that weird for the girls? Definitely not, Phoebe and Tessa grew up with the idea of travelling and being sociable. Ever since they can remember, we’ve been talking about our trip. We always said that there would come a day when we would go on a trip around the world. Travelling and Couchsurfing at such a young age taught the girls to become really open-minded and flexible, but they also learned about the impact that people have on the environment and about the position of women in the world. They are 15 and 19 now and have travelled on their own many times. Tessa, the oldest, travels all over the country because she is following her dream of being on the US National Fencing team! The hardest, but at the same time most enjoyable thing about travelling with a family is that you are constantly together. For a year, you spend every day together and have little privacy. However, we’ve become extremely close, even closer than we already were. We still like to relive memories about all the crazy people we´ve met and the amazing things we’ve done. Working with elephant trainers, skydiving, scuba diving. These are things that aren´t easy to do in your daily life in the US. I believe that kids learn from experiences, not from books. We’ve inspired many friends with children to quit work for a year and just do it. Because whoever thinks you can’t travel the world with young children, is wrong. We’ve proven that it is possible.”

Website: www.wells360.com 

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This is so cool and inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story and wish you many beautiful adventures.

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