“Recently I was in the Philippines and on my last night, I visited a ”roasted pig/craft beer” festival. That’s what makes me most happy. Eating local food with local people in a far-away country. I’ve been traveling for almost three years now and I’ve visited over fifty countries. In winters I often go to Asian countries and in summers I gravitate towards Europe, mostly for drinking wine. I had a pretty comfortable life in Oklahoma, but I felt an intense calling to go traveling. It sounds a bit greedy, but I just wanted to see what else was out there. I combine traveling with my biggest passion: food. I write a lot of foodie reviews of a region or a country. It’s mostly food travel for the mid-range. I don’t do dorms and I don’t only focus on cheap food – I like to go to walking food tours and food classes and I want to taste local wines and craft beers. My number one favourite country when it comes to food, is definitely Vietnam. Many Asian countries thrive on the Western trends nowadays. You can find organic and vegan food almost everywhere and it’s still cheap. When I’m on the road, I try to go for local food, though. There’s one thing I won’t eat and it’s called balut, a fermented duck egg from the Philippines. It’s buried under the ground and when the egg begins to develop, they boil it. The embryo inside already reveals feathers, claws and bones. Then the Filipinos drink the embryotic fluid and finally they eat the baby duck. This is the only thing, I will never eat. I’ve eaten snake, frog, bugs, crickets. One tip when you eat crickets: bring some floss. The legs will often get stuck between your teeth.”

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