“It had always seemed impossible to me, something that could only be completed by a few people; hiking for weeks in the Himalayas in Nepal. But during my first long backpack trip, I bumped into fellow travelers who had just completed what I’d thought of as the impossible. By hearing their stories and seeing their pictures, I immediately decided; I was going to hike in the Himalayas anyhow as well. I changed my travel plans and flew to Nepal. After some research in Kathmandu (Nepal) on possible hikes, I followed locals’ advice to go with “The Three Passes and Everest Base Camp” 21-day hike: one of the most challenging, beautiful and exhausting hikes on earth – most of the time at 5000 meters altitude in extreme temperatures. The hike could only be completed with huge motivation and endurance, but the great enthusiasm of the Nepalese people confirmed my feeling that I wanted to take on this challenge. To start the 21-day hike, I had to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla: one of the smallest and most dangerous airports in the world, located in the mountains at almost 3000 meters altitude. In Lukla, I met my guide, a fellow Canadian hiker of 22-year-old and a 67-year-old Japanese who was going to hike with us for the first week.”

“Every day in the Himalayas, we woke up around 7 o’clock, put on warm clothes, ate our breakfast and started to hike for 5 to 8 hours through the mountains, some even steeper than others. The nature was incredible; we hiked through snowy landscapes, rivers, forests, and birds flying around. The weather varied from a nice sunshine to a heavy snowstorm in the middle of nowhere (I was so happy to have my guide with me then). In the late afternoon we would arrive at a new sleeping hut, only consisting of a few wooden walls that protected us from the wind and snow. Even though it was very cold, it was also cosy. We played cards, ate pasta and went to bed early, tired and satisfied. At moments when I felt tired and cold without having a lot of energy left, I definitely thought: why did I take on this challenge again? At these moments we had to pull each other past it and remind ourselves of the beautiful surroundings. It is impossible to describe my feeling standing on top of these mountains, fully enjoying the view that is impossible to ever capture in a photo or video. You should try yourself to know what that feeling is like. I realize that for some this experience sounds awful, but to me, this hike was by far the best experience of my life.”

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