“Every time I meet people who inspire me, I ask them to write something in my book. What it is I want them to write? Three things they most definitely want to do in their lives. And if we ever cross paths again, I’ll ask them whether they did it. The answers say a lot about their personalities. My favorite thing about travelling? That’s easy: the people I meet. My motivation to travel on the long term also was: people. In 2010, I started hosting people on Couchsurfing. So far, I’ve hosted more than 275 people. They inspired me to travel the world myself too. So at one point, I set a date and left. My plan was to stay away for 1,5 years, in August it will have been 4 years. I traveled a lot on my bicycle. It brought me from Tijuana (Mexico) to Colombia. The power of the bike is that you want to leave, you can leave. You don’t have to book a ticket or wait for the bus to leave. You just go. It makes you feel very free. I often go wild camping or Couchsurfing. Hosts have to be very flexible, because you can never be too sure when you’ll arrive. Challenges are the sun, rain and steep roads. That’s why you have to prepare well: bring a lot of water, good clothes and enough food. I make money on the road by selling necklaces I make myself. I’m a big dreamer. Eventually, I hope to have my own small business. A business that I can run from anywhere and that still allows me to take time off. In the end, I’d rather have less money and more time.”