“Next month, I will move to Barcelona with my sister. I want to stay for about five years and hope to obtain the nationality as well. My home country, Venezuela, is not very safe at the moment. What I’m going to do in Barcelona? I want to study how to become a chef. Eventually, I’m planning on going to Italy, since the Italian cuisine is my favourite. Did you know that Venezuelans consume the second largest amount of pasta per person in the world? Arepas are very popular too. These are flat breads made of corn, water and salt. We fill them with cheese, meat, vegetables and sauce. Every now and then I prepare them in hostels, for the other volunteers. Because at the moment, I’m volunteering at an eco lodge in Panama for two months. I came here first when my older sister was working in this hostel. I stayed for two weeks, and liked it so much that I came back to volunteer. I meet a lot of international people here and we often cook together. When I was still living with my mother, I didn’t cook that much. She was always afraid I’d burn myself or make a mess of the kitchen. I guess she’d never expected I’d become a chef one day! My dream is to open something myself eventually, like a restaurant where you can also go out and dance. But first I want to try out several work places: big and small, expensive and cheap. And travel around Europe in the meantime, to visit all of the friends I made while I was volunteering at the eco lodge.”