“After traveling through Central and South America for ten months, I didn’t see myself growing old in The Netherlands. On the contrary, I couldn’t wait to leave again. Brazil was the country I fell in love with most. So when I came back from my trip, I worked very hard to make my dream come true. I was gonna live in Brazil, no matter how much effort it would cost. I am teaching English at the moment. An easy way to help people that don’t have many opportunities. Eventually, I want to do more. I’m hoping to find work as an event manager, to make my work more sustainable and to make more money, so that I can stay here a bit longer. I want to start a Latin dance club in Europe one day, to raise money for Brazilian education. Many Brazilians have the same intelligence level as I do – they’ve got so much potential, but so few chances. Simply because they haven’t got the proper passport, they don’t have wealthy parents and they’re not living in the right place. And we’ve got it all: the freedom, the opportunities, the money. I can’t live with that knowledge. So I want to share a bit of what I’ve got with them. Help people with my own qualities and with my powerful Dutch passport.” 

“Why I want to go to Brazil? Because of the warm, friendly people and the diversity. I also loved Cuba, but moving to a country with a communist system is very complicated. Someone once told me: if you don’t like Brazil, you have to move to another world. It’s a country with more than 200 million inhabitants – you’ll find people from every nationality. Every region has it own food, accents and customs. Argentina and Chili felt too westernized for me, and in Peru or Bolivia I felt more like an outsider. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m swimming against the tide. People in my own country tell me: if you’re not happy here, you should work on that. But they don’t get it. I am happy. I just experienced that I am happier in Brazil, in their system, living their way of life. Maybe it’s a bit more unorganized, but I actually like some dirt and disorder. The entire world is built on the idea that Europe is some sort of end goal, where everyone would want to live. I don’t. Coincidentally, I was born here, but that’s not my choice, is it? Can’t I be happy in a country with poor education or more aggressiveness? Isn’t it great that there’s room for improvement here? I see a lot of opportunities in Brazil and I can’t wait to seize them.”