“Originally I’m from Brazil, but I’ve lived in several places. When I was studying Environmental Sciences in 2010, I came up with the idea to work with composting. What this means? I’m building systems to recycle the organic waste from houses and buildings, like banana peels, left-over vegetables or leaves, so that it can be useful as soil or fertilizer for the land. In Europe, I realized people are not that interested in having those systems in their apartment, so community compost works better. People can bring their waste to a small station, and the neighborhood will become greener. That way we develop a local system of kindness.”

“At the moment, I’m working in Berlin. I’m developing a Community Composting project with the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Permakultur Akademie. My goal is to create a design of a station that can be replicated around the world – not only in Europe, but also in Asia or Africa for instance. That way, I can link my two passions: composting and traveling. As a social entrepreneur, this is the sort of travel I like. I stay in a place for three or four months, get to know it, build something up and go to the next place. It gives you an overview of the town and you find the secret corners of the city. I got to know Madrid that way, Helsinki, Buenos Aires, A Coruña, Malta, Berlin, etc. Many more trips are coming up. But even more important than a place, are the people for me. No matter where I go, I always conclude that good people are the majority. I believe that kindness creates an endless ripple.”

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