“Before I went traveling, I was working in an office in London. The weeks just went by, and even though I was having a lot of fun in the city, I just knew that the Monday to Friday 9 to 6 rhythym in such a busy city wasn’t something I wanted to get stuck in and do all my life. Besides, London is expensive. I thought: if I continue on living like this, I’ll get stuck here and will never leave. So I bought a ticket to Argentina and gave myself a year. At the moment, I’ve been traveling for more than 15 months. What I enjoy most about traveling? The feeling of freedom, of independence. Sometimes I meet people in the morning and just decide to cycle somewhere with them. I come from the French and Northern part of Basque Country. People from Basque Country often don’t want to leave their place, they want to grow old there and tend to be really proud of their region. They desire to be independent. A lot of my friends don’t share the same passion for traveling. They respect me, but they don’t really understand me. In Basque Country you don’t meet a lot of people from other cultures. Traveling has definitely made me more open minded. I get to know people I normally wouldn’t encounter. It matured and inspired me.”

“Since last November, I translate articles for a big international company. Most of the time from Spanish from French, but also from English to French. I get to choose from a list of articles about different subjects: politics, culture or celebrities for instance. At the moment, I’m translating an article about all the things that women in Saudi Arabia can’t do. I work from Monday to Saturday, 3 or 4 hours in the morning most of the time. The job is very flexible and I learn a lot. I mainly work in cafes or bars, because hostels tend to be too social. There’s always someone around who wants to do something together or comes up with a cool activity. A lot of fun, but not that good for my focus! That’s why I often stay in Airbnbs too. Every now and then, I compare myself to people from back home. I sleep in dorms and live out off a backpack, while they have nice apartments and got it all figured out. Then I remind myself that there’s not one way of living. I’ve got the opportunity to discover so many places and work at the same time. For me, that’s a pretty good combination at this point in my life.”