“It feels like the states roll by like days, when you’re hiking for five months in a row. I’ve hiked both the Appalachian and the Pacific Crest Trail. The first is 2200 miles and goes from Georgia to Maine, the second is 2650 miles and goes from Mexico to Canada. When I started hiking the Appalachian trail, I didn’t have a lot of experience. A guy I met convinced me to go and so I joined him with some other friends. Eventually we split up because of differences in speed, so I did most of the trail on my own. It was a unique feeling to find independence in something that really called me. I am more capable of being by myself now. You reach for your phone so easily, but you could also do the opposite. Take a moment, in the middle of your daily routine, to do nothing. Sit down for five minutes and just see what happens. For me, it was weird to transfer from life in the woods to the city life. I’d gotten used to being dirty all the time, which can be a liberating feeling. I’d started to develop along a certain lifestyle, and when I went back to the city, I obviously couldn’t stick to the same lifestyle anymore. At the moment, I hope to make some money to follow my heart as a backpacker, rock climber and writer. I especially like adventure storytelling. As for the long term, I have no plans. I try to play it one day at a time.”

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