“When I heard about the earthquake in Nepal last April, I was in South Africa. I was supposed to go back to the United States, but I changed my ticket into a flight to Nepal. I asked my brother and friend to come over and help out in the area. We were the first people putting shelters up there, even before the United Nations and non-profit organisations. During the following six weeks, we built houses and provided core needs such as food, water and first aid. It had always been a dream of mine to go to disaster places, but they always ask for experienced people. I had no experience in providing aid whatsoever. But I just figured I’d show up. Up until that point, I’ve never felt so alive. In a situation like this you see the best and the worst of humanity. People make millions there. You really have to figure out who to trust, who the liars are, who is only there to do business. We talked to students in Kathmandu, who translated everything for us and told us which cities needed our help most. After a while, you become disorientated because of all the drama. The crumbled towns become your reality. We all had our breaking points and I’d never have survived without my friends surrounding me. This experience has made me appreciate the small things so much more. The warm water in the shower, coffee in the morning and the compony of your friends.”

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