(2/2) “I hope to inspire online working people to become an ecotechnomad. For me, this means living a free nomadic lifestyle, while also using technology to make a positive impact. A digital nomad life is incredible, but only when you try to keep your environmental footprint small, and your positive impact big. Personally, this mostly means supporting different social entrepreneurs with my skills in marketing, communications, PR and (copy)writing, while also working on the land growing vegetables or learning how to build an eco-toilet or herd goats. One of the projects I’m a part of is KantoorKaravaan. These are super cool mobile workplaces in refurnished old caravans. Usually they are spread out over the Dutch countryside. KantoorKaravaan offers workplaces in nature for people who would like to escape the city. Last year, a friend and I took one on a rural co-living tour through Spain. A great adventure and an inspiration to organize more similar trips in the future.”

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