(1/2) “Ever since I was young, I’ve had a big sense of justice. I find it very important to treat other people, animals and nature well. That’s an important reason why I started working on projects that make a positive social and environmental impact. Since a few years, I have spent a decent part of my time on the road, mostly in Spain. I have lived and worked at different places: other people’s homes, eco-communities and a yoga retreat center for instance. It’s amazing how many inspiring people I have come across. Permaculturists, futurists, natural builders, coders, yogi’s. There is so much I have learned from them. About how to harvest home grown veggies, how to build houses with walls that can breathe, about the upcoming impact of block chain, and the eight-limbed path of yoga for a happier and more balanced life.”

(Photo: The Pollinators)

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