“Two years before I started traveling, I got hit by a car. I had to rehabilitate and that was the moment when I thought: fuck it, I should just do it. I’ve wanted to travel for so long… Now is the right time. When I was mobile again, I stored or sold all my stuff and began my travels in Copenhagen. I’ve hitchhiked in more than 30 countries. Turkey was definitely the easiest country for hitchhiking, most truckers were very friendly and one of them even invited me to eat a traditional Turkish meal at his family’s house. Even though no one speaks English in the small villages, there’s so much hospitality in Turkey! The most special project I participated in, was called ”Travel Makers”. It’s a hitchhiking project from Berlin to Istanbul, in order to raise money for the Syrian refugees. We did many small projects on the road: we played music, made street art, created workshops and social programs. Traveling has been an entrance into adulthood for me. I have so much more confidence now. If you travel without money, you’ll find yourself in different situations. But for me, the level of risk dictates the level of reward. There have been shitty moments, when I didn’t have a place to sleep or when no one spoke English, but in the end, it always works out. I thrive on the fact that my life constantly changes. I don’t have a fixed job, I’m unsettled and have no commitments. Sometimes I make money by doing art projects, but I’ve also worked as a dog trainer and a burlesque dancer. There are so many things I love to do. For me, traveling is one of the most important things in life. My generation seems more focused on money and career goals. That’s a shame. If everyone would put traveling on their agenda, society would be way more well-rounded.”

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