“When I was younger, I didn’t want to travel. It was my goal to be rich at the age of 25. My business did well and I also settled down at a young age. While I was building up my life in Australia, I received letters from my brother from everywhere around the world. I started to look back and wish I had gone traveling as well. Back then it was a big thing to take a break from my business, but my family and I arranged to travel around Australia for 12 months. By then, my three children were between 9 months and six years old. You never know which path your life is going to take because now I’m a single dad who has rent his house out for the coming two years to go traveling around the world. I am traveling in South America, learning Spanish, and in November I am going to Bali to meet up with my daughter. I would also love to walk the route of Santiago de Compostela in Spain and to do a big tour with a motorbike. I guess I did my life the other way around.”

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