“For many people, I am the first traveler from Thailand they meet. Thai people don’t travel a lot. They often study hard and have a strong work ethic. I studied business myself, but found out it didn’t make me happy. After I finished my studies 2 and a half years ago, I left Thailand. Since then, I’ve traveled to so many places. From Vancouver to Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras. I often slept in a car on a Walmart parking lot, accompanied by my travel partner and his dog. In many ways, my norms are completely different now. Places and people really change you. I used to hate tattoos, now my traveling has inspired me to get one. I’ve been to a naked beach in San Francisco and I have a lot of modeling gigs whilst I’m on the road. I’m definitely not finished traveling after Central and North America. I’d love to travel more in Asia and do whatever comes to my mind. For instance, I want to go to Australia and try kangaroo meat there. One of my biggest dreams, however, is to live in an Earthship. An Earthship is made of natural and recycled materials, it uses energy from the sun and the water is harvested from rain. In other words, you need nothing from outside – it’s totally self-sustained. I have a strong interest in nature, so this way of living sounds perfect to me.”

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