“I left Australia in the summer of 2014, to go to Argentina, the country where my parents originally come from. I worked for a startup company where I learned a lot. Unfortunately, the company didn’t survive, but it did give me the opportunity to go travelling for a longer period of time. It was in Brazil that my idea to go sailing took shape. It was my plan to hitchhike on a boat from Brazil to Europe. I met a South African couple and the guy adopted me as a son. He taught me a lot about sailing. In the north of Brazil, I spent most of my time in the marina. Everyone knew me there, so whenever a boat would arrive, they’d tell me. Eventually, I met an American guy who asked me to join the crew. He was 62 and had built his own boat on which all of his possessions were stored. It was ultimate freedom to him. With this guy, I experienced so many adventures, from strong winds that almost killed us to fear of pirate attacks. Luckily, we’re still alive. My captain usually celebrated such a thing with a CDA: a Cheated Death Again drink. He’s an amazing guy, who taught me everything there is to know about surviving at sea. One day, I hope to put that knowledge into practice and cross the Atlantic myself.”

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