“I look for experiences rather than places. I first create a goal in my mind, and then I search for the places where I can achieve that goal. My original route for this trip was: New Zealand, China and Japan. A month before I was supposed to leave, I cancelled it all. I wanted to go bungee jumping, so I went to India. In my bus to the jump, I met a guy who took a meditation course. Why not do that too? I followed my intuition and just did it. The same goes for the motorbike trip I did in Vietnam and my adventure on the Great Wall in China. I’d decided I wanted to sleep on the Great Wall to see the sunrise. So I walked for eight hours to a totally isolated place without any tourists. It was amazing! Sometimes you have to divert from the original path. That’s okay, you can go sideways to find a path that can turn out to be even better. During my travels alone, I thought a lot about life. I believe we have four main fears: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what other people think, and fear of missing out. But you should keep asking yourself: why do I fear these things? Then you can get to the core of the problem and find out: all your fears dissapear! Even so, I do fear going back to Italy a bit. After two years of travelling, I’ve changed a lot. But it’s good that I’m beginning to see the path in my life. Before I started travelling, I jumped from one thing to another. Looking backwards, I can connect certain dots. And what will the future bring? It’s eiter where my hopes or fears lie. It’s up to me to decide.”

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