“Normally I go to cheap hostels, but one day I went to a beautiful lodge in Zambia. It was not far from the safari park, so there were elephants and monkeys wandering about. In the middle of the lodge there was this big dining room. After lunch, my friends and I all went about our own business. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. I first thought it was an elephant, but then I saw a huge accident had happened. An enormous tree had fallen on the lodge and I realized my friend had just gone in there to charge up her phone. As fast as I could, I ran to the lodge to see if she was alright. Luckily the tree had missed her by a small margin and she ‘only’ had a bruised ankle. One tourist did not survive the accident. This was super-heavy, since I had had lunch with him only one hour before. On the other hand, I felt quite lucky that the accident had not happened during our lunch!”

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