“Imagine yourself in a small airplane, more than a kilometer (12.000 feet) above the ground. The door opens, person after person jumps out of the plane, and you’re ready to jump. Standing on the ridge of the airplane, the wind blowing in your face and adrenaline pumping in your veins, there is just one thing you still have to do: tie your shoelaces. The instructor yells ”GO!” and while tying your shoes you jump out of the airplane. Recently, I took a skydiving course in France, which means you jump six times to obtain a license to skydive solo. The first time the instructors are beside you, but later on, you jump on your own. Skydiving is a surreal experience. A few minutes before my jump, I felt nervous, but once I was floating in the air, I felt so free. I’ve always loved adventure, especially outdoor adventures. Everyone has a different level of fear, a different limit. For some people, talking to a stranger is already a challenge. Outdoor adventures give me the opportunity to escape boredom, to explore another side of myself. I feel secure when I’m doing outdoor sports. The fresh air, the fact that you focus on one thing at the same time – it makes you forget everything else around you. Half a year ago, I started working for the Dutch startup AdventureTickets, where I can combine my love for travel, outdoor adventures and my technical skills. We also offer activities like rafting in Croatia, winter sport in France or a dog sled tour in Norway. I hope to do more of these activities in the future, so that I can escape reality once in a while and feel free.”

If you’re Dutch and have been excited by the skydiving story, be sure to check out Adventure Tickets.

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