“I was studying medicine and I hated it. During my studies I found out what I suppose to do: write. I had the feeling that I am a writer, but it is hard to say when you have never written anything. I decided to take time off from my studies to write my first book. My book is about the great time I had before I went to university. The book is suppose to make you uncomfortable while reading it. Actually, it is more art than a novel. Right now I am traveling in South America for half a year, but the main purpose of my travels is not to see things, but to write. For three months I wrote day in, day out when I was in New Zeeland, my home country, but beeing away from home helps me to see everything from a distance. Traveling can make you feel nostalgic and sentimental and can exagerate memories. I use this as input for my book, since my book is super personal. Besides that, I have met such interesting people on my trip that have wanted to read what I’ve written and give feedback. One day I want to publish my book and I hope I will find the right circle for it; people that are a bit weird and that appreciate good art.”

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