“My plan was to not pay for any hostel during this trip around the United States. The beginning was fixed, I worked for 11 weeks as a part of the kitchen staff at a children’s camp in Maine. Afterwards, I started to look for family, because a big part of my Polish family immigrated to the States decades ago. My grandmother wanted so badly for me to find them. And I did! They live all over the country now: in Chicago, Michigan, Phoenix, L.A. It was an emotional journey, both literally and figuratively. We share the same blood, the same background, the same history. Aside from staying with family, I’ve also used Couchsurfing, begged for a shower in cafés and even slept on the streets. Traveling has absolutely changed me. I have no idea what to do with my life now! There are a million opportunities in this world. On the road I realized I’m not really interested in the job I’m studying for. I don’t want to get stuck in Poland. Many people think they need other people to join them on their travels. You don’t need people, you can easily go alone. Many people also think they need money to start traveling. You don’t need money. Look at me, I’ve kept my promise. I haven’t paid for a single night during this trip. All thanks to my family and all those friendly people out there in the States.”

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