“For me, traveling is my lifestyle. I’m always on the road, close to the ocean and nature. The more I travel, the more I realize how many beautiful places and people there are in the world. You then realize you’re not alone and that you’re not so different from people in the rest of the world. You get more connected. But actually it’s the journey within yourself that is the most precious you can make. By meeting new people, trying new things and exploring new places you get invited to develop your inner self as your personal journey. It’s not about what you see on your trip. It’s about letting come to you what is exposed to you and receiving it with open arms. I can continuously travel, because I organize surf trips named Surfana Surf trips. During these surf trips, we share the lifestyle of constantly exploring, playing and traveling. I get inspired and learn from other people’s way of living. It makes you re-think about the way you currently live and about how you want to live your life. After every surf week, participants of the surf trip often decide to make a life changing decision when coming home: whether it’s about their relationship, job or home. This shows that the surf camps can be used as a tool for giving inspiration through traveling when working.”

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