(2/2) “Even though travelers have nothing to do with politics, politicians can still affect our plans. Recently, the president of the United States had banned people from seven nationalities to enter his country, including my compatriots and me, a passionate Iranian traveler. Donald Trump had not given any decent reason for this radical decision, apart from stating that it had been done to stop terrorists from getting to the US. The ban against Muslims is not helping to stop terrorism, and it is spreading hatred and discrimination around the world. I think that banning certain nations is shocking and unfair. Many people say it was a Muslim ban, but he actually banned entire nations – even Iranian Jewish or Iranian Christians couldn’t go. Terrorism wants to separate us and damage humanity, but we all fight against terrorism and hatred and try hard to make our world a better place for everyone. Being from Iran, I feel connected with children in war. I always wanted to do something for them, because I think that children should not suffer from adult actions. So in April my husband and I are going to cycle across five countries in Western Europe, to raise money for children of war. Some people maybe might think it’s just five countries, but I can only do so much. We organize it ourselves and it is a great challenge for me. We try to attract attention by biking through these nations and all donated money will go straight to a small charity for children in areas of war. I believe that when we travel, we live our life and we enjoy our lives. Travelers are open to other cultures and that’s why, instead of discrimination, war, and other misunderstandings, the world would be a more peaceful and happy place when more people get the opportunity to travel to all places possible.”

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