“It’s my quest to visit every country on Earth. To date I’ve visited 93 countries and all 7 continents. After a decade as a professional firefighter, I left my career, harbor-side apartment and inanimate possessions in Sydney (Australia), to see the world. I hated my life in Sydney, yet it repeated itself every week. On the weekends I was partying at events, where I was rubbing shoulders with people who were obsessed with image. I’d drink as much alcohol as possible to trick myself into thinking I fit into the catastrophe of a life I had created. Also, I started to constantly think about my own mortality. I had several firefighting colleagues who passed away and it was playing on my mind a lot. The time was right for the greatest adventure of my life. It has been two years since I left on my journey around the world. As a child, I couldn’t be away from my mum overnight. I would be on the verge of panic at social sleepovers or school camps. My childhood was always in the back of my mind when I stepped off into the unknown abyss at the beginning of my journey. I was sure I would develop chronic homesickness. Each month I was waiting for it to surface, but it never did. In fact, I feel I have since become the opposite. The thought of going home and reverting to my past life gives me anxiety. The normal has become the road. The abnormal has become the secure lifestyle I left behind. That’s why I encourage others to sit down, open the atlas or spin the globe. Randomly pick a destination and go there with your heart and not with your head. Visit Canada. Visit Central Africa. Tibet. Iran. Get lost. Just see how beautiful the world is. Because when it’s all said and done and you’re reflecting on your life, these are the moments you will cherish and remember.”

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