“I live on the Falkland Islands, which are next to southern Argentina. Most of the year I am on fishing vessels for my PHD research, two months at a time. Every vessel has a fish factory where fishermen from Galithia (Spain) pull in the net, put the fish in factory, sort it to size and pack it. Then the fish go to Spain. I am in charge of the fishing, so I have to say where the fishermen can pull the net. On many boats I am the only girl, but luckily they listen to my orders. Besides that, I take samples of the catch from the factory, two trawls a day of 100 commercial fish like squid, hake and red cud. I process them for length, weight, sex, maturity stage and I take their otoliths. Then I can take them to the laboratory, where I saw them into sections. With a microscope I can count how old they are in days (squid) or in years (fish). For some people it sounds weird that I am so into fish and especially into squid, but writing my PHD on squid is what I love to do.”

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