“Before I began traveling I used to have a lot of structure in my life. I took care of every bill, I had a job, a girlfriend. I lived my life ‘the right way’. When the relationship with my ex ended, I found myself in this unique place. I had no obligations: no carreer, no children, no car. My life was open! I thought: if I ever want to travel, I might as well just do it now! So I began my travel through the States. I cycled from Independence Missouri to Chicago – 854 miles in three weeks. I cycled over highways, slept alongside of the road in my hammock or used Warmshowers.org, which is Couchsurfing for cyclers. I would wake up in the morning and decide where to go next. Now I’m in California, after a long ride with a truck driver and ex-drug addict. I was so happy to be part of that important transition in his life. Because for me, the most important thing about traveling is meeting other people. Traveling has humbled me a lot. We’re on this planet with 7 billion people and everyone thinks they’ve got it figured out. Truth is, there is no right way to live your life. It’s your personal preference. And my personal preference is to travel with the idea that there is no idea.”


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