“A lot of people are afraid to do things they want in life, because they feel that they don’t deserve it. It is very easy to wind up living a life we are told to live without questioning it. I think this is bullshit. Everyone is deserving to live out the life they want. What I learned from my trip to South America is that I will never prevent myself from living a life I want to live. The last thing I want is to be old and regretful. I fully live out each and everyday of my life inspired and do things I want. Of course, I’ve made many sacrifices, but I am proud to say I have never played it safe. That’s where the most growth comes from. Sometimes I find myself trying to be this certain person that other people see. I think we all do this in life, because we are afraid of being judged for who we are as people. When you’re out traveling however, it’s like all of that disappears. You’re 100% yourself. While traveling there are no social norms you have to live up to, because everyone wants to get to know each other and connect through the one thing we all love: to travel. And because of that you essentially make so many more friends, in the most authentic way possible. All these new people give you new insights on life in general, which makes you grow as a person as well. That’s what it’s all about in the end.”

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