“For about four years, I suffered badly from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It caused a lot of anxiety, stress and depression. I was not getting the most out of life. After having therapy I improved, but it still affects me. I am a control freak and I am afraid of getting in relationships that involve intense emotions, like love. In the end, it is all part of the same problem. I have to get rid of the wire in my brain! So, I quit my job and my good friend asked me to come with him to Peru, to do the Ayahuasca retreat. I had heard about it before and he convinced me to join him. We will be doing several ceremonies in the jungle. Essentially, I hope to get emotional healing. And to gain insight into the wire in my brain that affects me. Besides that, I have always been interested in the nature of reality and the alternative state of consciousness. When it comes to travelling, I think it is good to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. To get the chance to get away from your own routines and to develop different perspectives on life. In the end it is just you who change and not your surroundings! So getting the opportunity to travel and to do something like the retreat is too good not to do it. In the end, I’ll have to see how the retreat will affect my perspectives on life and my OCD.”

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