(2/2) ”For us, travel is not a state of geography, but a state of mind. Yes, travel helps people grow, but you don’t have to move your body physically in order to change. If you don’t travel, you can still find out more about yourself and your surroundings. When we lived in Baltimore we ran BmorePoly: a polyamory support and social group with over 3000 members and more than 50 events every month. Polyamory is a way of life in which one is open to more love affairs at the same time, on the condition that it’s done in openness. When we travel we often lead workshops on polyamory, for example in Polynesia recently. It feels good to connect with people and exchange ideas. That’s what polyamory is all about. People think it is about sex, but it’s really about growth, connection and community. Think about it, everyone has multiple friends, with whom they share everything – except one thing! Our culture says sex can be shared with only one partner. Why is that different from all the other beautiful things we can share with our best friends? In polyamory, we say it is not different, and you are the one who decides what feels right together. Plus, working out these connections encourages us to examine who we are and learn better how we can connect as human beings. The same goes for traveling – it also encourages examination of the self and the world. To us, traveling is not about seeing monuments, it’s about community, connection, learning, and sharing.”

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