(1/2) “Why did we just move to Amsterdam from the United States? We write software, and can do that from anywhere, so why not here – the Netherlands is a great place with many opportunities. We lived in California for a long time, where Cathy helped produce dance weekends and Barry organized hundreds of folk events with performers from all over the world. In addition to software we both love dancing, music, and art. Cathy is a fine artist and creates amazing paintings and sculptures, and Barry was a musician. For a while he worked on cargo ships too. At one time that was a great way to see the world, but no more. Once, Barry had planned to go to a music festival in New York, but the weather looked bad, so he went to the beach instead. The festival turned out to be epic – it was Woodstock! Well, that’s the way life goes. Another awesome experience was the time Barry hitchhiked a thousand miles to watch the last Apollo moon rocket take off. Saturn V was the biggest rocket ever built, and this was the only night launch. Even from ten miles away it was an amazing sight, with a real blue sky and light coming from all over. The noise was deafening, nobody could hear anything except the roar of this monster. The ground shook, the air shook, our eyeballs shook. It was truly awesome, the world will never see such a thing again.”