”Que el camino serĂ¡ largo. Let the road be long. During my bike travels, I was probably the slowest cyclist ever who traveled long distances by bike. But for me, the slower I am, the better. Why would you want to make your travel short? The way of travelling is more important than the destination. Unfortunately I had to stop after 500 kilometers, because of a knee injury. I continued travelling, however, and tried to keep the same spirit. I like to stay at a place for a longer time, to really get to know the country and observe everyday life. This way I got to see 50 different ways of making coffee, for instance! Of course, this wasn’t the purpose of my travel, but it shows you how diverse life can be. I don’t take photographs when I’m travelling, because I want to enjoy myself at the moment. Travelling can become a form of hoarding: you try to collect as many places as possible, make as many international friends as possible and get to know as many cultures as possible. I want to avoid this. Sometimes I feel guilty to leave Colombia and visit other countries. There’s still so much to explore in my own country, so many questions to answer. But the good thing is that traveling teaches you to appreciate things about your own culture. San Francisco definitely gave me a contrasting lens to look through, for when I get back to Colombia. I think travelling is very important. If George W. Bush had studied abroad during his youth, the world would’ve been another place.”

“This sketch of me working on my architecture portfolio is made by Nuno Neves, a Portuguese artist I met in a hostel in San Francisco. He’s working on an on-going graphic novel, called ”The Story by Everyone”, which features the lives of the many people that got involved in his adventures. You can find some of his work here.”

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