(1/2) “Traveling with your lover can be amazing, but it can be terrible too. On the one hand, you’re doing the thing you love most with the person you love most. Life can’t be much better. On the other hand, it’s not at all like in the movies. The things you might fantasize about are blue oceans, beaches, beautiful sunsets. In reality, you’re often sweaty, hungry and tired. And so is the other person. This will definitely clash sometimes and you’re gonna get to know each other very intimately. My advice to couples who want to travel together is to give each other some space. We met during an exchange program in Thailand. We happened to sit next to each other in a bar and started talking about travel. After the semester, Alex had planned to go to Myanmar and she asked me if I felt like joining her, which I did. When Alex returned to the States and I returned to the Netherlands, we stayed in touch. It soon became clear we were more than friends and after a couple of travels together, we decided to give it a try. Alex bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam and started looking for a job. At a certain moment, we both had pretty good jobs, but there was only a certain height we could reach in those jobs. Moreover, we were still young, there was nothing holding us back and we’d been talking about going traveling for a long time. When the news about the Iran nuclear deal came out, we decided this was the right time to start a long journey.”

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