“During my travels, I’ve had many meaningful conversations with the people I met. After a while, when you’re continuing your journey, the conversations of the past just seem to disappear and you forget about them. That’s why I started the website Funboat Diplomacy. One part of it is my own personal blog, but I also started a Podcast project. I interview people from all over the world and create an episode of about an hour. I want to give certain voices a podium, share their stories and promote their projects. With the podcasts, I try to target Americans who would never meet young Ukrainians in war for instance, or Turkish immigrants in Berlin. One of the most valuable episodes was about my friend from Sudan. She talked about her life there, about her experience as a Muslim woman in a developing country and about her opinion on the refugee crisis. I mostly interview friends, but also random people I meet on the road. I used to interview a lot of people in person, but recently, I also started to use Skype. To me, recording a podcast is a unique thing. People are aware of the fact that they’re being recorded. Of course, there are times when you hit a wall, but luckily I can edit and cut awkward silences. I never plan any questions, so it’s more like a real-life conversation. My episodes go all over the place. So far, I’ve recorded twelve episodes and I feel like it’s getting better every week. Podcasts can really enrich your life, you can listen to them wherever you are, become informed and hopefully also inspired.”

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