“Four years ago, my husband and I left the working world. Afterwards, a few sad events happened in a short time, a couple of our close friends died and this made us realize that there’s no guarantee on how much time you have in life. So why not go traveling for a longer period of time? We’ve always traveled a lot as a family. We lived a year in Scotland with our three sons, which had a big impact on their lives. All three of them are fearless travelers now, and through them we saw how important travel is. They definitely influenced us in the way they deal with certain experiences. So in 2012 my husband and I left for our first trip to Italy. This was a totally different trip from the travels we’d made so far, since we played it by ear and made few plans. We also bring very little on our trips; we just carry everything in a couple of bags. Why? We once had a lot of problems with our baggage when we were re-entering the States and my husband got very annoyed. From that moment on, we never checked baggage again when traveling. We just carried everything on our back. This way, we walked along the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the West Highland Way in Scotland and the Tour Du Mont Blanc in the Alps. When it comes to accommodation, we’ve seen it all. Even the hostels with shared dorms, which was a challenge at first. We like to have a little privacy, so that’s why we book private rooms now. We also like to rent a cottage or an apartment, since this gives you the feel of what it’s like to live in a city. We never carry tents or cooking gear, because that’s simply too heavy when you’re walking. Our next plan is to drive across our own country. Our son lives in West Virginia, which is on the East Coast of the States, and we live in Oregon, so we’ll have to drive a lot of miles to get there. We don’t want to plan too much and our return date is pretty fluid, so we’ll see what beautiful parks or cities we stumble upon! And moreover, which people you meet. Because I think that good people feed you, no matter where they come from and no matter what their age is.”

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