“During my first ever big trip to Indonesia in 2006 I started dreaming about living in Indonesia. I made a 10 year plan to save enough money to be able to do it. After that trip I got back to work and was immediately greeted by an awful work situation. I ended up leaving the job 3 years later and hitting the road once again. I’ve never worked a proper job again. When you travel, so many adventures pass by every day. Once I travelled to the riverside in the middle of nowhere, to catch a speed boat to Xieng Kok (Laos). When I got there, the town was dead and no driver wanted to take me because of some problem on the river. After waiting for over a day, at midday a boat stopped and the guy said I could get on for $20. I paid him the money and got on his boat and it was filled to the brim with buffaloes – about 50 of them. With only just enough room for a few people in the front of the boat, we started puttering north along the Mekong as the restless buffalo kicked and generally made a ruckus. As the day came to a close, I was wondering when on earth Xieng Kok would come into sight when all of a sudden the boat pulled to the side of the river in a random spot and the crew started tying the boat up. The boat stopped there in the middle of the jungle for the night and I slept on the deck next to the buffaloes who attract all kinds of insects. Needless to say, there wasn’t much sleep that night. So many more adventurous travel nights have passed by since then and I can say now that after a while, fast travel becomes a little boring. You start to realize there are a lot of similarities between many countries despite surface differences. Once you learn that, you sort of want to slow down when travelling and start to explore a place more deeply. I now don’t travel for the excitement, but more because I can learn so many new things and share those places with my friends and others through writing.”

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