“I found a book named ‘Into the Wild’ at the airport, just before I started my travels. After months of traveling, I went home but I couldn’t stop thinking about that book. In my heart I really wanted to head off to Alaska and make the same trip as in the book. So I booked my ticket to Canada and I was on the road again. I arrived in a small village in Canada, close to the wilderness. People from the village told me I was crazy to go into the wilderness by myself, since many people never return. I prepared well and with my background as a soldier I thought I could make it for sure. I started to make my way through the sometimes overgrown pathways walking for hours at a time. I knew there were very dangerous bears living in the area, so I had to keep making noise while walking. I sang every song I could think of so the bears would hear me coming. That is safer than if  they suddenly discover you. I also brought bear spray with me and I slept with the spray during the night. After  two days of walking I finally found the bus that is in the book and I slept there for one night. It was awesome to be in the bus in the wilderness and to see the beautiful scenery along the way, as described in the book. In the morning I knew I had to go back early, since the river I had to cross was rising. Once I was at the river, I took off my clothes and put them in a waterproof bag, so that I could cross the river without getting my stuff wet. I only had my shoes on. I found out that the river had become too high, so I had to walk for a few kilometres to a place where the river was lower. Imagine: a boy, practically nude except for his shoes carrying a bag, singing. In the end I returned safely to the village. Now that I have made the trip, I can admit I took a big risk. I could have gotten lost or the bears could have gotten me. But while doing the trip, I did not think about the danger too much. Sometimes it is good to take risks in life, because you cross boundaries and encounter situations you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.”

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