“There are two ways of traveling: either you observe or you don’t observe. In the past five years I traveled to many places in the world, mostly in Asia and Mexico. I discovered that I prefer the observing way of traveling: to watch what local people are doing and also how they are doing it. If you observe closely, you get more of a bird’s eye perspective on the world. You realize that the same stuff happens everywhere. Today’s power systems are trying to keep control of people by using three methods: economics, media and religion. All over the world, people live their lives according to the rules of these three controlling mechanisms. That’s been more or less the same in every country I’ve visited. It’s easy to close your eyes for these situations of control when traveling, since you are a temporary visitor. After five years of traveling, I decided to settle down in my home country, Turkey, because I feel that I am ready to invest in a steady place. The price of settling down is that I cannot close my eyes anymore for these three controlling mechanisms. But at a certain point, I try to stop listening and bothering about all the political issues occurring as a consequence of these mechanisms. Instead, two friends and I are trying to change our lifestyle by building up a farm to produce organic fertilizers. We are trying to reduce our ecological footprints and that’s what I feel I can do for the world now.”