“When I was young, I was fortunate to have an accessible golf course close to my house in Trujillo (Peru): a city full of culture, incredible weather and excellent gastronomy. I started playing golf just like any other kid, due to curiosity and to have fun, but then I got caught playing golf for the rest of my life. One of my main motivations to practice this sport day in day out was my wish to represent my home country Peru one day, like any athlete’s biggest dream. With a lot of dedication and hard work, I was able to chase this dream while growing as an athlete and as a person. I got the opportunity to represent my country worldwide. I’ve visited many places and I played on beautiful golf courses. In the Americas, I’ve played golf in Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, the Dominican Republics, the United States, and in Europe Spain, France and Belgium. My desire to win and to feel competition at the tournaments keeps me going, because being outside of your country, far away from your own city for sport commitments, means to be away from your family and friends, including long waiting time in airports and the inevitable concern about my golf clubs arriving in one piece at the last destination. Something I really miss when traveling is the food back home, something that only people who have tried Peruvian food will understand. But of course, the good thing about these travels is discovering different cultures, including new people. I’ve been fortunate to meet amazing people who have opened up their doors for me and showed me other ways of living, both American and European. That’s very valuable to me.”

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