“I am from Chile and my boyfriend is originally from Wales. He moved to New Sealand when he was fourteen years old. We met in New Sealand after I was offered a job there. Now we have been living together for a few years. I travel a lot and at the moment we are taking a trip in my home country. I have almost seen the entire country, but I have never visited the Eastern Island. This is a Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, which is about six hours away by airplane. I would love to see it, but it is really expensive to fly there. My mother and brother went once. They knew someone who could take them for almost nothing on a military ship. It took them 25 days to get there. My mother said she was going crazy, because it took ages. The way back only took 20 days, because they had the current in their favor. In the end, the island was beautiful, but I would definitely fly if I would go there!”

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