“One tiny car, four guys and little money. In only 38 days, we passed through 18 countries and drove 10.000 miles. The Mongol Rally is probably the best trip I’ve ever made. We all come from different backgrounds: I was born in Brazil, the others grew up in China, England and India. We didn’t know each other before the trip, but met each other via Facebook. Together we’ve been through both wonderful and horrifying experiences. One night we were stuck in the desert in Kazachstan and I thought I was going to die. It was midnight, the car was almost broken and the road on the map didn’t exist. It was probably one of those Soviet roads that has now turned into dust. After hours and hours we saw a truck and we knew: if there’s a truck, there’s a road. We were saved! The Mongol Rally is completely charity-based, there’s no price, neither a fixed route. You go from London to Mongolia and are free to take any route you want to. The only mission is: adventure. For me, traveling is a state of mind. You get to experience new cultures, taste new flavours, meet new people. It’s always hard to go home.”

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