“Last summer I traveled across Europe to further develop myself as a professional breakdancer and to learn about the European hip-hop culture. To reach these goals in one, I worked fulltime as a street performer in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and The Netherlands. In the street shows my Brazilian friends and I combined different dance styles, such as breakdance and capoeira. By performing several times a day, we earned enough money to support our travels and to realize our participation in international breakdance competitions. During these competitions, it was as a dream coming true to represent my Brazilian Break Soul Crew and my home country Brazil. Before I started my travels, it was hard to imagine that this dream could become reality. Also, many fellow Brazilians told me it was impossible to live this artistic life in Europe. By having this European experience, I now realize that nothing is impossible. If you really want to live your dream, you can realize it by working very hard and by having an open attitude towards a different world than your own.”

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