“Before Django and Chloe became part of our family, four years ago, we already traveled a lot. We would hop on a plane whenever we could. So it was a natural thing for us to include the dogs on our travel plans. The first time, we weren’t sure whether they’d be okay on the long flights – nine to ten hours – but they were perfectly comfortable. They actually seem to love their carriers and sleep almost the whole flight. We’ve got to meet so many amazing people because of them. People on the streets, but also people we know from Instagram. Some of them have become dear friends. One of the most pet friendly cities we’ve been to, is Munich. Dogs are allowed almost everywhere. In Los Angeles, we’ve met the most dog lovers. The dynamics of traveling has slightly changed. We try to do more outdoor activities, so that we can include them. But that’s a good thing! On the other hand, traveling with Django and Chloe requires more responsibility and organization. Each country has different rules for bringing a dog, we have to check the dogs’ documents carefully before we enter a country. Moreover, your hotel or Airbnb search is narrowed and museums, some restaurants and stores don’t allow dogs. A lot of dogs have separation anxiety when their owners are away, in our case it’s the other way around. We think that Django and Chloe are fine without us. We’re the ones who suffer! If we traveled without them, our minds wouldn’t fully be in the moment. We would worry if they were okay at home and we would constantly be thinking how great it would be to have them around. If your dog feels comfortable in a carrier, and can easily adjust to new scenarios, we’d definitely encourage you to travel with your pet. It’s a matter of respecting your dog’s pace and making sure it will be a pleasant experience. For him or her, and also for you.”

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