“When I arrive in Paris, London or New York City, the first thing I do is stopping by my agency. We make a plan: what am I going to do these coming weeks? Most of the time I visit the cities before and during Fashion Week. Each day is different. One day I’ve got many castings, the next day I can enjoy my free time and stroll around in the city. We’ve got a model pass, so that we can work out, swim for free and eat healthy lunches. In the evening I work out or hang out with models I’ve became friends with. Sometimes, I like to hang out in my apartment on my own and watch a movie. Cities like Paris and New York can get very hectic, you meet a lot of people and you make long days, especially during a shoot or show. You can’t really escape the city. Last year, I went to Australia. The vibe over there was totally different. You could really withdraw yourself in nature. I had a great time, but I’d like to come back another day. Since it was Fashion Week during that time, it was hard to travel around. If you miss a casting, you miss a show and you miss money. I did have one shoot three hours outside of Sydney, in the wild life. That was amazing.”

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