“If I had all the gold of the world, I would still choose to live my life as a backpacker. I love to carry my backpack from place to place, to sleep in hostels and to talk to random people at the street as they are my friends. Before my first trip as a backpacker, I sometimes met travelers who described places they had been to. I always dreamt of being there – imagining the streets, hostels, nature, parties, people, all very detailed. I created my own version of each place in my mind. Nowadays I always travel with my notebook and a pencil. While being on the road, I draw sights that I find impressive. I also draw the route I’ve passed along the way and I write down the places I’ve been to. Then, when I get home, everyone asks so much about my travels. It’s difficult to remember every single detail. So I take out my notebook and I can show and tell them about beautiful things I’ve seen and experienced.”

Categories: South America