“Many people think that traveling is for rich people only. But I can prove to them that it’s not like that. I’m just a simple guy from the Philippines, currently living in Kuwait, one of the Gulf Countries in the Middle East. Last year, I traveled in Europe for forty days and I visited over ten countries. I didn’t spend that much, because I used Couchsurfing and I carpooled and hitchhiked along the way. The majority of Filipinos look up to Europe, the United States, Westerners. They think that when a person travels, he must be rich; he is able to afford it. Maybe this person earns more than me, but I can still manage to travel. It’s just that you have to know how to save money when traveling, and how to look for the right information. Google is just there, or ask a traveler who tried what you desire to do! Most of the Filipinos abroad in the Gulf Countries only focus on supporting their family back home. I want to show them they can also enjoy life themselves, while supporting their family. Besides that, you don’t have to quit your job to travel. For example, I’ve visited other Gulf Countries last year during the weekends, such as Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain. They are just a one-hour cheap flight away, and many Filipinos don’t even know that! I truly think it’s important to find a good work-life balance in your life. For your whole life you’ve been studying hard to get the career that you want, so why not combine work and leisure in a balanced way? To me, a work-life balance is the key.”

Do you want to read how he manages to keep this work-life balance and also travels? Check his page The Corporate Nomads out!