“Three months prior to the start of my travels, I had a weird experience. I was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden I realized my life needed a change. A radical change. I started questioning my life, quit my job soon afterwards and broke up with my girlfriend. I hitchhiked from San Francisco to Yosemite and I’ve been on the road ever since. That is 7,5 years ago now. When I went to Asia, I began recording CDs. The beginning was hard, I had almost no money left when I came to Bali. It was all or nothing, I thought, and so I spent 90% of the money I still had on blank CDs. Somehow, though, I wasn’t able to burn the music to the CDs. I had no money for food or shelter that night and all my focus was on those CDs. I sat in the Starbucks the entire evening, low on energy, when it finally worked. I walked outside, ran into a Belgium girl I knew, and she took me to a bar. In the bar, it was madness. Everyone started buying my albums and I was soon introduced to Asian musicians, with whom I recorded a lot. I started to become pretty big. A couple of months later I decided to sell all my stuff – yes, my albums too – and move to India. Why? I was tired of being known as Sean the musician, I felt like Sean the world citizen. I still dream of organizing my own parties in the future, though. Fullout dance parties, without a DJ or recorded music, just with beatboxers. I can see simple beatbox performances organically turning into dance parties.”

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