“The first time I performed as a street musician was when I interrailed through Europe on my own in the summer of 2016. In Florence (Italy) I bought a guitalele; a small guitar. Later on I was walking through a park in Ljubljana (Slovenia), when I saw a guy sitting with a guitar, a microphone and an amplifier. I walked towards him and asked him whether he wanted to jam with me. Our musical connection was great, and so we played for the entire afternoon on a touristic bridge. People actually stopped to listen to us and they seemed to appreciate our music. During one break, a little girl from Texas came over to me. She told me she liked my music and played a bit of guitar herself. I invited her to play along. Though she was shy, she performed and sang ‘My heart will go on’. She sounded like a little angel. Eventually they left, but ten minutes later they came back and the girl gave me her new necklace. Her mom told me: ‘You really inspired her; she couldn’t stop talking about you. Thank you.’ I then realized that I could inspire people by performing on the streets. I can try to give more meaning to people’s lives. At the moment I’m studying songwriting in Berlin. Almost every Sunday, I perform near the entrance of the flea market in Mauerpark in Berlin. In the future, I want to buy a van, bring my guitar, microphone and amplifier with me and travel all over Europe. I just want to be outside, sing and touch people with my music.”

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