“I’ve been traveling my whole life. My parents owned a KOA Kampground (Kampgrounds of America) and they would close it down in the winter. We would take our schooling on the road and travel in our camper. I grew up in the Redwood forest on the northern coast of California, but I currently reside outside of Denver, Colorado. I live together with my dog Loki, who is also my travel partner. He’s a husky, Arctic wolf and Malamute mix. During a blizzard in 2012, I brought him home. I already had experience with large dogs, but Loki was different. I felt like I had to enter into his world, instead of him entering into mine, if this was ever going to work out. I decided I’d do everything possible not to leave him behind. I hate seeing Loki’s face when I leave for just a day. I can’t do it without him. The times I have to, I hate it. When he was four years old, we started backcountry snowboarding together. He has seen most of the western US now. Loki can be so funny on long drives, with his head smashed between the door and the front seat, licking the plastic on the door for minutes long. Sometimes he sleeps for hours and hours. I’m thankful for the fact he’s very patient in the car. Loki is a really good roadtripper.”

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