“People sometimes say they want money to have a huge house and many cars. I want money to travel, to try delicious food and to have unforgettable moments that feed my soul. At the end it’s your soul that you take with you, not your pockets filled with money. I am from Venezuela, a country with many beautiful places, many little towns that no one has ever heard of are beautiful. In Venezuela there are beaches like paradise, little islands, deserts, amazing national parks and the Angel Falls called one of the lungs of the world. I understand that people don’t want to come to Venezuela with the insecurity in this country, but there are ways to visit places without getting near the insecurity. For example, you can take a jet straight from the capital Caracas to go to the archipelago of Los Roques. I’ve asked various foreigners and they’ve told me that those are the nicest beaches they’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, it’s true that Venezuela is going through one of the roughest periods it has been in for many years. Some say it’s the worst economic situation ever. Every day the inflation rises. It is a luxury to buy olive oil, a pear or an apple. An apple costs two days of work (minimum wage) and olive oil like a weeks pay, but at least those things you can find. Things like shampoo, soap, butter, coffee, toilet paper and even beans, which are grown here, you can barely find. All as a consequence of the corruption in my country. A huge amount of money is in hands of a small group of corrupt people. It has made the country go backwards, instead of forwards. The insecurity is increasing. Almost every day I hear of a phone being stolen. Besides that, most of the public universities are on strike and have been for about a year now. It has gotten to the point that the government has closed the border with Colombia. Lots of people, especially young people, have left the country to try to have a better life somewhere else. What shocks me the most about the whole situation is that people in general are still happy. They have this great sense of humor where they make jokes about the situation and have a positive mind that everything will get better soon. I honestly think it’s going to take years, but I’m impatiently waiting for it to change. I love my country. I would love to settle down there but if things don’t change, I’ll have to try to live somewhere else unfortunately.”

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